Elective Surgical Unit (C4)

The Elective Surgical Unit (C4) at Antrim Area Hospital is an 18 bed unit where medical and surgical patients are admitted for elective procedures.

The unit also admits emergency ear, nose and throat (ENT) patients and has an ENT treatment room which is open 24 hours per day.

The aims of the Unit:

  • To streamline the patient’s journey from pre-admission to discharge.
  • To ensure patients are fully prepared for anaesthetic and the procedure in order to facilitate day of procedure admission
  • To provide acute elective services within the compliment beds identified for each specialty
  • To ensure patients get safe and effective care
  • To streamline patients’ throughput and enhance access to inpatient services ensuring that patients are placed in the appropriate location and nursed by clinically competent staff
  • To maximise bed occupancy/theatre efficiency and minimise elective cancellations


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