The facts

There are 201 people on the transplant waiting list.

Nine people died last year while on the transplant waiting list

A total of 223 people have received a life-saving transplant.

Many relatives say that they have found comfort in knowing that the loss of their loved one has given someone else the chance to live.

You are more likely to need a transplant than die in circumstances where you can become a donor.

The removal of organs and tissues is carried out with the same care and respect as any other operation.

To decide whether or not you wish to give life to someone else after you have died is something very personal and it is important that everyone makes their own decision.

Even if you carry a donor card you should also join the NHS Organ Donor Register and discuss your decision with those closest to you so they know your wishes.

Putting your name on the organ donation register makes everyone aware of your wishes and makes it easier for them to agree to your transplant donation. It is important to talk to your family, friends and next of kin to make sure they know what you want.

If you have any questions or require clarification please contact the Specialist Nurses.

As the need for organs for transplantation increases the NHSCT organ donation committee continues to lead on donation policy and practice to ensure donation is considered in all appropriate situations.


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