Community Specialist Palliative Care

Northern Ireland Hospice Service

The Northern Ireland Hospice provides specialist palliative care in the community for those living in the Northern Trust area.

Community Specialist Palliative Care Team (Northern Ireland Hospice)

Specialist palliative care in the community is provided by the Northern Ireland Hospice. Specialist nurses with specialist qualifications and experience in palliative care work across local areas providing care through out-patient clinics or visiting you in your own home visiting you in your own home. They complement the care provided by the GP and District Nurse by providing specialist advice and support to try to enable you to remain in your preferred place of care, whilst supporting your family.

You should speak to your GP or District Nurse if you wish to access this service.

Hospice Hub

The Hospice hub based at Northern Ireland Hospice on Somerton Road aims to treat as early as possible the symptoms of your illness and/or any psychological, social or spiritual problems that you may be experiencing. At the Hospice Hub, you can be assessed by one of our team and a programme of care will be developed to meet your needs. This may be done through individual appointments with members of our team or in a group setting through our well-being programme which is a six week programme led by the multidisciplinary team. We aim to improve your overall well-being at a time in your life when you may be adjusting to your illness. Our well-being clinic is available every Tuesday in Belfast, Thursday in Ballymoney, with individual clinics on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Belfast. On Friday, the Hub in Belfast holds a well-being clinic for people with dementia and their carers. At this clinic the focus is on holistic care with an aim to promote quality of life for patients 1and their carers. Your current healthcare professional can refer you to our services. Based on the issues or challenges you are experiencing, our team will invite you to attend for assessment to attend one of our services.

Inpatient Unit

Inpatient care for adult patients is normally provided at 74 Somerton Road, Belfast BT15 3LH

Hospice at Home Service

The Hospice at Home Service provides nursing care at home for the patient as well as practical and emotional support and respite for their family and carers. The Hospice at Home Coordinator, in consultation with district nurses, will assess and monitor every patient’s needs. Hospice at Home nurses usually work at night but they are also available during the day and early evenings.

How to refer

Referrals to the Northern Ireland Hospice can be made through GPs, district nurses or other healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s care.

Other voluntary palliative care services

Marie Curie Managed Care Service 

The Northern Trust commissions the services of Marie Curie Services to provide a range of additional care and support to palliative patients within their own home who require end of life care. Marie Curie works in partnership with the district nurse to support patients with malignant and non-malignant disease.


Referral criteria

The patient meets the referral criteria if:

  • they are aged 18 or over
  • they have palliative care or end of life care need
  • they want to be cared for at home or in a care home
  • they can be safely cared for at home
  • their GP is willing to care for them at home
  • they have family members or carers who need additional support with their care.

To access these services referral to Marie Curie is made by District Nursing or the Hospital Diversion Nursing Team. Registered nurses based within Dalriada Urgent Care service are available from 10pm to 8am, seven nights per week. From 8am -10pm at weekends and public holidays. If you need urgent advice or care out of hours, you can contact a Marie Curie Nurse through the Dalriada Urgent Care out of hours service on 028 2566 3500.

Marie Curie Helper Service

The Marie Curie Helper Service is a team of volunteers who spend up to three hours a week visiting patients at home or talking over the phone. The Service is provided free of charge and is available to people aged 18 or over with a palliative care illness, and their families in Northern Ireland.




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