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Emergency Diabetes Foot Care

Podiatry services have changed how patients with diabetes can access our service if they develop a foot problem.  If you answer yes to any of the questions below you must contact podiatry services as soon as possible.

– Is your foot red, hot and swollen?

– Is there a new break to the skin on your foot?

– Is an existing foot wound deteriorating?

You will speak to a Podiatrist who will discuss your concerns and you may be offered an appointment with your local Podiatrist.

The Diabetes Foot Pathway Leaflet provides more information about the different health teams involved in foot care

General Foot Care Advice

Our service

Registered podiatrists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs, including nail surgery and wound management.

This includes assessment of the vascular, neurological and orthopaedic status of the patient’s lower limbs. Following assessment, treatment is focused on restoring and maintaining functional independence. Following assessment patients may be maintained on caseload for ongoing care or discharged and issued with a personalised foothealth plan which offers the patient advice on how to maintain their own foothealth.

Podiatrists have a key role to play in helping people maintain their health and social wellbeing and live independently within their own community. This is especially so for patients with complex medical conditions such as diabetes.

This leads to improved quality of life and contributes to the prevention of falls, prevention of hospital admissions, reduction of length of stay and, in some instances, facilitates early discharge.

There are clinical specialists in diabetes, acute services (renal and rheumatology), biomechanics and podopaediatrics and a Gait Analysis Centre in Ballymena, which provides a trust wide service.

Podiatrists provide a service to people from all age groups and users can self refer or be referred by GP’s or other health care professionals.

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