Resettlement/Discharge Team

The main role of the Resettlement Team is to identify appropriate community placements and co-ordinate the assessment and discharge planning process for inpatients at Muckamore Abbey Hospital in Antrim who have a pre-admission address within the Northern Trust area. The aim of resettlement is to improve the quality of life of service users. The Resettlement Team together with Muckamore multi-disciplinary team assess the individual needs of the service users and, based on these assessments, seek to identify appropriate community placements suitable to meet the individual’s needs.

The team collates and provides data for the Department of Health Service Delivery Unit, which monitors all patients within Muckamore Abbey Hospital.

The team also liaises with a number of statutory, private and voluntary service providers and a number of agencies such as the NI Housing Executive, Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Department of Health, Mental Health Commission and the Health and Social Care Board.

Resettlement Team maintain responsibility for those service users who have been discharged and continue to review placements under care management procedures to ensure that the service user’s quality of life is enriched.

Hours of service

9.00am – 5.00pm

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