Process of Investigating alleged abuse

All cases of alleged abuse are referred to one of the Trust’s Designated Adult Protection Officers who starts an investigation into what has happened. They assess the available information and decide whether the criteria for Adult Protection Procedures has been met. If this is this case, they will allocate the case to an Investigating Officer who conducts an initial assessment and/or implements an Interim Protection Plan which is there to keep the person safe. Adult Protection Officers.

An initial assessment may involve meeting with the adult at risk of harm or in need of protection/significant others to:

  • Establish the facts
  • Advise the adult at risk of the options available to them in terms of making an informed decision regarding their wishes
  • Discuss and explain the joint protocol process
  • Ascertain what course of action they wish to take
  • Where the concerns relate to a possible crime, the adult in need of protection should be advised of their right to contact the PSNI.

If appropriate, an Interim Protection Plan will be put in place which is agreed immediately to safeguard the individual from further risk until the investigation is completed and a Safeguarding Case Conference has been convened.

A Safeguarding Case Conference is held to consider the information assessed during the investigation stage. Once all the information is discussed and considered a Safeguarding Plan is developed to address concerns, reduce risk and safeguard the individual in the long term.  Safeguarding Process



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