Parent Training

First Steps of Communication Parent Training

This training has been designed in order to enhance your understanding of your child’s communication abilities and to provide you with strategies to develop your child’s functional communication in collaboration with your Speech and Language Therapist.

Please avail of the training as directed by your child’s Speech and Language Therapist.

Your Speech and Language Therapist will provide you with a password for each of the following training videos.  

First Steps of Communication

Video 1: Introduction to Speech and Language Therapy, What is communication?
Video 2: Early Interaction and Attention
Video 3: Play
Additional Play Choices
Video 4: Understanding
Video 5: Routines, Row the Boat
Video 6: Expression, Bubbles, Crisp Exchange
Video 7: Communication Strategies

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Video 8: Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Level 1 AAC Parent Training

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

PECS Phase 1 and 2 Tutorial
PECS Phase 1
PECS Phase 2
PECS Phase 3a
PECS Phase 3b
PECS Phase 4

Key Word Levels

Single word level activities
Two word level activities
Three word level activities

Parent training around Autism

Session 1 How you can help
Session 2 Developing communication and interactions
Session 3 Developing communication and understanding
Session 4 Expressive Communication
Session 5 Communication and behaviour

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