Easy Read for those with Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Difficulties

‘Easy read’ refers to the presentation of the text in an accessible, easy to understand format. It is often useful for people with learning disabilities or those with other conditions affecting how they process information.

The NHSCT Adult Learning Disability (ALD) Speech and Language Therapy team has worked alongside the ALD Service User Forum to co-produce this series of easy read fact sheets. The fact sheets highlight important information relating to safe eating and drinking, managing nutrition and hydration for people with swallowing difficulties and medication management. The fact sheets are shown below:

Easy read format: Eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties: Introduction to eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties
Easy read format: Eating and drinking safely: Overall information how to eat and drink safely
Easy read format: Keeping your mouth clean: Maintaining good oral mouthcare
Easy read format: Making your food easier to eat: Information how to make food tastier and easier to eat
Easy read format: Staying hydrated: Information how to keep well hydrated
Easy read format: Taking your medication information leaflet: Information about medication
Easy read format: Eating a balanced diet: Information how to maintain a balanced diet
Easy read format: Making changes to your food and drink: Information on how to make changes to the way food and drinks are prepared
Easy read format: Difficult foods: Information on how some foods can be difficult to eat, chew or swallow

Hard copies of Easy Read information leaflets can be obtained from the Dysphagia Support Team, Dysphagia.SupportTeam@northerntrust.hscni.net

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