Wellness Hubs

Who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary service, consisting of occupational therapy, social work, psychology and mental health nursing colleagues.
What are the aims of the Wellness Hubs?
We provide a recovery-focused service for people who are experiencing mental health challenges. While everyone’s recovery goals are unique, we will collaborate with you to establish routines, explore your interests and develop social connections. Typically, we offer a range of activities within a small and informal group setting.

How do I access this service?

You can be referred if you are over 18-years old and known to:

  • Community mental health teams
  • Specialist mental health teams
  • Crisis Response Home Treatment Team
  • Holywell Hospital or Ross Thomson Unit, Coleraine

What happens after I am referred?

We will make contact with you to arrange an initial appointment.  This appointment normally lasts about 30-60 minutes, during which you can ask us questions and decide if the Wellness Hub is something that would help your recovery.  This also gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and to understand how we can best support you.
If you decide to participate in the Wellness Hub, you will then be invited to join one or more of our available activities.

What kind of activities take place at Wellness Hubs?

Group activities typically include; relaxation, gardening, educational sessions, creative therapies, social groups, cooking/baking and exercise including walking, badminton and the gym.
Activities differ across the Hubs and are subject to change according to local service demand. Staff will discuss available activities at your initial appointment.

What can I expect from the Wellness Hubs?

The Wellness Hub is a time-limited intervention, not exceeding 18 weeks in total.  Activities will be available for the first 8 weeks of the programme. These will give you an opportunity to try new things, build routine, learn and socialise within a relaxed and supportive environment. It will also give us an opportunity to get to know you better and learn how best to support your recovery journey.

Following your first 8 weeks we will meet with you on an individual basis. This will provide an opportunity to review your progress, and plan for the remaining 8 weeks of your programme.
Wellness Hub participants are discharged upon completion of the 18-week programme.

What can I do after my programme has finished?

Throughout your programme we will explore options for referral to appropriate services within your local community to support your continued recovery.



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