Northern Trust introduces Care Partner arrangements

The Northern Trust has introduced the Care Partner scheme following the announcement by the Health Minister that the scheme is to be extended to hospitals and hospices.

A Care Partner Arrangement can be agreed to support a patient with an identified need, such as assisting at mealtimes, or engaging in meaningful social interaction to support emotional wellbeing

The scheme allows for individualised support tailored to meet the needs of the patient.  This additional support complements the care delivered by staff within the hospital.

The Trust remains responsible for managing footfall and ensuring a Covid-19 secure environment, therefore all visits should continue to be agreed with the relevant ward.

More details on the Care Partner Scheme are available in the Department Of Health Care Partner Leaflet.

However, it is important that people remain mindful of the risk that COVID-19 presents.  Care Partners should follow the public health advice. We would ask Care Partners and visitors to continue to wear face coverings, maintain good hand hygiene and take Lateral Flow tests regularly.

18th March 2022

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