Northern Trust Departments and Services

If you wish to contact a service or team within the Northern Trust, please use our A-Z Service Guide.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our switchboards and ask to be transferred to the relevant team or service.

Antrim Area Hospital – Tel: 028 9442 4000
Causeway Hospital – Tel: 028 7032 7032
Holywell Hospital (Antrim) – Tel: 028 9446 5211

Media enquiries

The Northern Trust Corporate Communications Department should be the first point of contact for all media enquiries and requests to film or take photographs.

For media enquiries during office hours (9am-5pm), please phone 028 2563 3762.

During out-of-hours, phone 079 1788 9405 – this number is only to be used by members of the press.

Service User Feedback

The Trust encourages complaints, enquiries, comments/suggestions and compliments and views them as a positive opportunity for learning and improving services.  Your feedback is important to us and will be taken seriously.  Feedback from our patients, clients, carers and members of the public/visitors using our services or facilities helps us to identify areas where high quality care is being provided, and where this is not the case we will make changes to improve service quality and safety.

You can provide feedback directly to the service involved either verbally or in writing or if you would prefer to send your feedback directly to the Chief Executive you can write, email, or phone our Service User Feedback Department.

Service User Feedback Department
Bush House
45 Bush Road
BT41 2QB
Tel: 028 9442 4655

You can also submit your feedback through our online form

Feedback can be provided by a service user, a former service user or a member of the public/visitor using HPSS services and facilities. Feedback may be provided by a representative acting on someone’s behalf where that person has died, is a child, is unable to provide feedback him/herself or has requested the representative to act on his/her behalf. In such cases consent will be sought by Trust staff, where necessary. Anonymous feedback will be investigated in the same manner as feedback received from identified persons providing that sufficient information is supplied.

Your feedback should be provided within six months of the event if at all possible and not exceed 12 months. If we need to investigate an issue it is generally easier to do this as soon as possible after the event.

The Trust has a policy and procedure for responding to complaints, enquiries, comments/suggestions and compliments made by service users.

Any compliments received by the Trust will be shared with all of the staff involved in your care.

If you wish to make an enquiry i.e. a formal request for information about services you have received or are currently waiting for or you may want to highlight environmental or other issues please get in touch.


If you have any queries regarding our website or any suggestions on how we can improve the information on our site, please contact the Corporate Communications Team on 028 2563 3762.

Alternatively, please complete our online Website Feedback form.

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