Showcasing the benefits of Physiotherapy on World Physiotherapy Day

Physiotherapist and patient pictured in a swimming pool.

A Northern Trust patient has shared his positive experience of physiotherapy to mark World Physiotherapy Day on Friday 8th September.

Derek was referred by his consultant after fracturing his foot, and his overall health and wellbeing has been greatly enhanced by his treatment plan, which included regular hydrotherapy.

Derek explained: “I have lived with type 1 diabetes for 23 years, arthritis for 8 years and the lung condition COPD for 2 years which means I get short of breath during activity, and combined with arthritis it makes exercise difficult.

“Exercising in water makes life easier for me as the buoyancy means I can move with ease and enjoy exercising. I want to be able to help myself and feel fit for the future.

“I have gained better mobility and strength which in turn makes day to day activities easier to do. I would like to thank my Physiotherapist for this great experience and for introducing me to the benefits of exercising in water. “

Northern Trust Physiotherapist Sarah said working together with patients to achieve the best outcomes is hugely important: “I will listen to your story and we will agree a treatment plan to help you manage your arthritis. This plan will involve advice and reassurance on a range of management strategies that you are able to do.

“My aim is to help you to cope with everyday routines whether your arthritis is going through a flare up or not. Arthritis research shows that physical activity helps to reduce pain, strengthen muscles and improve joint mobility.

“I will help you to plan for the future by signposting you to services that support you to move forward and live well with arthritis such as Versus Arthritis. It is hugely satisfying when patients like Derek have the confidence to manage their condition, live better with arthritis and remain independent following physiotherapy input.”

This year, the main theme of World Physiotherapy Day is arthritis, with a focus on inflammatory arthritis.

In the Northern Trust, specialist Rheumatology Physiotherapists play an important part within our multidisciplinary team.

Andrew Barbour, Clinical Lead for Musculoskeletal and Rheumatology Services, said: “I would like to recognise the significant contribution the team has made in positively impacting the lives of patients with arthritis.  They have shown excellence in improving the physiotherapy service by developing a referral and review pathway through to rheumatology from their musculoskeletal colleagues for patients suspected of living with inflammatory arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis.”

Emma Cameron, Head of Physiotherapy Services within the Northern Trust added: “I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the role our Physiotherapists play in promoting lifestyle management of arthritic conditions including preventative work as well as more specific and individualised treatment packages.

“The assessment and rehabilitation skills of our Physiotherapists enable service users to live well, remain mobile and independent. These interventions take place every day from children’s services all the way through the ages.

“On World Physiotherapy Day I would like to thank our Physiotherapy teams for their dedication and commitment to helping patients manage the impact of their arthritis and supporting them for the future as well.”


8th September 2023

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