New unit at Causeway Hospital to help reduce admissions and attendances at Emergency Departments

Chief Executive Jennifer Welsh and Health Minister Robin Swann look at a Causeway Hospital vision report

A new unit giving patients timely and direct access to surgical assessment, diagnostics and a treatment plan, has opened at Causeway Hospital.

It’s part of a £1.8 million investment into urgent and ambulatory care at the site.

The new surgical ambulatory unit will help reduce hospital admissions and attendances at Emergency Departments. Ambulatory units treat patients who need medical assessment, diagnostics and/or treatment without having to go to an Emergency Department or spending a night in hospital.

Speaking during a visit to the Causeway Hospital, Minister Swann said:- “The strategic vision for Causeway sets out a commitment to develop urgent and ambulatory pathways, which include emergency surgery pathways. With this in mind, I welcome the Trust bringing this service enhancement to emergency surgical pathways for patients.

“I know there has been considerable and ongoing public and media interest in the future of Causeway Hospital, and this unit is one step towards a service model that provides responsive, effective and safe services that meet the needs of the local population.”

Jennifer Welsh, Chief Executive of the Northern Trust said: “Over the last decade we have seen an increase in same day emergency care. In Antrim Area Hospital, our Emergency Surgical Unit has been able to assess and treat 90% of patients on the same day, helping to reduce admissions and preventing people from having to join an elective surgery waiting list. We passionately believe there are opportunities to develop and enhance our Causeway site, growing same day emergency care, elective and cancer services.”

In the last 12 months, the Northern Trust has also invested £1.2m into a solar energy project, and a further £1m in the form of a new state-of-the-art CT scanner. Plans are also underway to introduce an MRI scanner at Causeway in the near future.

This ambulatory service is open each week – Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm.  At present patients are directed to the unit from the Emergency Department on advice from a surgeon, and it is planned that the service will be open to GP referrals in the near future.

28th March 2024

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