Central Referral Management System

What is the Central Referral Management System (CRMS)?

The Northern Health Trust has some services which you can access through CRMS: Physical Health and Disability Team, Community Nursing, Learning Disability, Continence Advisory Service and Sensory Support. If you want to be referred to any of these services, you need to contact the CRMS. They will link you up with the service you want.

How can you contact the CRMS?

You can contact the CRMS in the following ways:sign video logo

1) Sign Video (free)


2) Text Relay (free)Text relay app

• You can download the app in the app store



If none of these options are suitable, you can contact the Trust’s Equality Unit and a member of staff from the Equality Unit will make the referral on your behalf.

Equality Unit
Route Complex
8E Coleraine Road
BT53 6BP
Tel: 028 2766 1377
Fax: 028 2766 1209
Text mobile: 078 2566 7154

What information do you need to give them?

When you contact the CRMS, they will ask you for some information so they can refer you to the right service. They will ask you:

    • Personal details for patient e.g. Name, Address, Date of Birth, GP, Next of Kin
    • Which service you need
    • Is it urgent or routine?
    • Medical condition?
    • Who is making referral?
    • Other possible information depending on situation?
    • Don’t forget to tell them you are Deaf and need an interpreter. For example, if you have a home visit by a social worker, you may need an interpreter. Don’t forget to tell them if you want a BSL or ISL interpreter.

What happens next?

CRMS make sure that the team receive your referral and a member of staff from that service will contact you.


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