Nursing and Midwifery Revalidation

Revalidation is the process that allows you to maintain your registration with the NMC and demonstrates your continued ability to practice safely and effectively. It is a continuous process that you will engage with throughout your career.

Revalidation Process

  • Please ensure that you have registered with NMC online and you have an online account
  • Ensure that you have checked and know your revalidation date
  • Your revalidation date is the end of the month
  • You will be notified by NMC 90 days before this date
  • Your application will open and you then have 60 days to apply for revalidation
  • Your revalidation application due date is the first of the month and this is when you must have submitted your application by as your application closes and you can no longer apply for revalidation after this point.
  • The remaining 30 days (until the end of the month) is used by the NMC to process your application and renew your registration.
  • Please ensure that you have paid your annual renewal fee as the NMC will not process your application until they receive your payment. If you have a direct debit account set up your payment will be processed as normal.
  • Please check the NMC website regularly and keep up to date with changes and updates from the NMC.

Remember you are responsible for your revalidation and your registration is at risk if you fail to meet the requirements or lapse your registration.

Please note that within the NHSCT you should have your confirmation meeting at least 3 months before your revalidation date. For example if your revalidation date is 30 September you have until 1st September to apply to the NMC for revalidation. You should meet at least two months before this date with your confirmer – so your revalidation confirmation meeting would then be organized for July.

Revalidation can be a positive experience as you interact more with colleagues and you have a heightened awareness of your professional development.

The Revalidation Process

NMC Documents

The NMC have published several documents relating to Revalidation, please refer to the following documents.

NMC Code
NMC How To Revalidate
NMC Employers Guide To Revalidation
NMC Information For Confirmers
NMC Guidance On Reflective Discussion
NMC Alternative Support Arrangements
NMC Templates For Completion
NMC Templates Completed
NMC Step by step guide

Information for Managers/Confirmers

Please note that to undertake the role of the confirmer within the NMC Revalidation Process please ensure that you (as confirmer) have read the NMC document ‘Revalidation: Information for confirmers 2015’ (link above). Some additional information has been attached below for your information.

Please note that from January 2021, confirmers no longer are required to record confirmation details on HRPTS.  (TSRs will check the NMC website for up-to-date revalidation information).
Standard Revalidation Letter To Nurses
Lessons Learnt For Managers
Revalidation : the role of the Confirmer (video)

Information for Registrants

Revalidation is the responsibility of nurses and midwives themselves. You are the owner of your own Revalidation process (NMC “How to Revalidate” 2015). Please find below specific documents for your support and information.
NHSCT Completed Portfolio Example

Revalidation Queries

Revalidation Nurse Facilitators:  Anne Spence & Yvonne Eddis (Tel) 07557188290.  Email:
Please find contact details for revalidation champions throughout the NHSCT sites if you have any queries or questions regarding revalidation.

Revalidation Frequently Asked Questions


All Managers must ensure that those nurses and midwives for whom they have direct or indirect professional responsibility have effective systems in place to assist all staff to meet the NMC revalidation requirements in an effective and timely manner.
This includes on-going support and monitoring of readiness of staff to meet the revalidation requirements at all times especially during phases of planned and unplanned leave.

Information Governance

Revalidation data including, NMC PIN and revalidation date are held on HRPTS for NMC registrants.

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