Abortion Services

Abortion services are provided by the five Health and Social Care Trusts.

To get abortion care, you must contact the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) which offers advice, counselling and access to abortion services.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service


Request a Consultation in Northern Ireland | BPAS

Call: 0345 730 4030

BPAS is the only access point to abortion in Northern Ireland.

No independent clinics in Northern Ireland offer abortion.

Abortion services are not offered by GPs.

Abortion Services in Northern Ireland

The type of abortion service available will depend on how many weeks pregnant you are.

Early abortion services for pregnancies less than 12 weeks are fully established.

Medical abortion is available for pregnancies up to 24 weeks (and over 24 weeks in limited circumstances).

Surgical abortion is available for up to 20 weeks and work is ongoing to establish a service for pregnancies up to 24 weeks.

For abortion services that are not yet available in Northern Ireland, you can access free abortion care in Great Britain.

For more information, visit Abortion Services | nidirect.

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