Adult Placements

Share the Care Scheme

Share the Care is the Northern Trust Adult Placement Scheme which provides family-based long term and short break placements to adults with a learning disability.

We are recruiting new Adult Placement Carers who have patience, commitment and understanding, and can offer a friendly home on an occasional or permanent basis to an adult with a learning disability and give a family carer a break. No special qualifications are necessary.

Short Breaks

Short break carers are volunteers who are paid expenses for their time and travel. This can be from a few hours each month to a few weekends per year when the person matched with them comes to stay with them.

A short break allows the adult placed to get a break from their normal routine and their family carer to have a break as well.

For a family caring for someone with a disability, planned short stays can be a welcome break from the sometimes emotional and physically draining role of caring for a loved one.

For the service user using the service, short stays represent a refreshing change, the chance to meet new people, and do things they may not have the opportunity to do otherwise.

Adult Placement

Permanent adult placement carers are paid to share their home and time with someone in need, and the person placed will have the opportunity to live as part of a family and be involved in the local community.

We are also looking for people who could provide a permanent home to an adult with a learning disability. We know that this is a big commitment to make and is not for everyone however we work hard alongside you to match you with the person who is coming to live in your home so that you can meet the needs of the person placed with you.

Service users will have a room of their own, privacy, a space for their belongings and the warmth and security of a stable friendly environment. The everyday activities of family life offer many opportunities for learning new skills of daily living and making new friendships. This helps to increase confidence and independence.

Life in an ordinary family home is very different from that of a residential home, nursing home or hospital.

The Share the Care Team assesses and supports approved family carers (individuals from our local communities) to share their home and time with someone in need.

If you think you could meet the challenge of being a host carer, or would just like more information, we would love to hear from you.

For more information, contact our local office.

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