Support available following diagnosis

After a diagnosis of ASD is given, if required, the person will be offered follow up support at our Post Diagnostic Group and additional input will be offered as appropriate.

Some adults with ASD are already involved with Mental Health Services, Learning Disability Services or Physical/Sensory Disability Services (core services) and they will continue to get support from these services. Additional guidance and support is available to professionals in core services from the Adult ASD Service if required, to help them ensure their input is autism-sensitive. Support is also available to those adults who do not have contact with core services through the ASD Team.

The ASD Service works in partnership with other Trust services, education, employment, housing, criminal justice, leisure and voluntary agencies as required meeting the needs of those with ASD.

The Service will address identified needs through a person-centred approach with the individual and their families being central to the assessment process and will participate fully in formulating their own support plan.

Adults who receive services from Mental Health, Learning Disability or Physical Sensory Disability

If the person already receives support from Mental Health, Learning Disability or Physical/Sensory Disability Services Adult ASD Service staff will provide consultation/advice to key workers working with the individual in the development and implementation of a support plan which will address identified needs, promote self-confidence, independence and develop life skills and problem solving.

The key worker role will remain with core services who will continue to co-ordinate support plans and reviews. Key workers will involve Adult ASD staff depending on service user need.

Adults who don’t receive services from Mental Health, Learning Disability or Physical Sensory Disability

Adult ASD Service staff will work with individual service users, their families/carers and other agencies (as appropriate), to develop and implement a support plan. Based on identified needs the service aims to promote self-confidence, promote independence and educate and advise on the development of life skills and problem solving.

The Adult ASD Service provides time limited interventions and discharge is a natural progression.

Interventions offered include:

  • Post Diagnostic Group – this offers the opportunity for service users recently diagnosed with ASD to:
    • Learn about ASD
    • Learn about how ASD affects you
    • Discuss telling people about your diagnosis
    • Learn about what further support is available to you
  • Emotional Awareness and Regulation
  • Carer’s Information Sessions
  • Social Skills and Communication
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Keeping yourself safe
  • Sensory Recommendations
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