Paediatric Intervention Support

Receiving a diagnosis of ASD can be positive for a child or young person’s development in allowing others to understand the person better, appreciate their unique way of seeing the world and to signpost others to appropriate supports.

There is a range of help and support available across the Northern Trust.

This may include:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • Children’s Early Intervention Service
  • Regional Integrated Support for Education NI (RISENI)
  • Community Paediatric Medical Service
  • Health Visiting Service
  • Social Services

Support is also provided by the Education Authority for children and young people with ASD across all stages of the code of practice within schools.

Paediatric ASD Intervention Service

The Paediatric ASD Service provides intervention to support autistic children & young people and their families.

Post diagnostic support is offered to all families once a diagnosis of ASD is confirmed by the Paediatric ASD service.

Parents/carers are invited to attend a PACE (Parents & Carers Education) Level 1 awareness programme, appropriate for their child or young person’s age and stage of development.

This seminar aims to provide information on ASD and how it manifests in everyday life, alongside equipping parents/carers with practical advice and techniques to enable them to assist their child/young person in their development and support & mange any behaviours of concern.  Parents/carers will receive a toolkit and workbook that can be personalised to suit their child/young person and highlight strategies and activities they can try at home, over a period of time, with their child/young person.

Following implementation of the strategies and advice provided at the PACE programme, parents/carers will be asked to provide feedback to the Paediatric ASD (sent following attendance at PACE programme). This form will ask parents/carers questions regarding: their understanding of ASD, how it is impacting on their child/young person and the family as a whole and how they have implemented the strategies agreed from the PACE Level 1 awareness programme. This form will help determine if any further help is required for the child/young person or their family at this time.  The Paediatric ASD service offers a range of further intervention supports for parents/carers alongside direct intervention programmes for the child/young person.

It is acknowledged that many families will not require further help at this time as they are now equipped with practical advice and strategies provided at the PACE programme. However as children and young people grow and develop their needs may change. Therefore, parents/carers are advised that they can contact the Paediatric ASD Service directly at any time in the future if they require help /support for them and/or their child/ young person, up until the age of 18.

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