Breast Screening Results

Breast screening results are sent to both the woman and her GP. You should expect your results in the post within three weeks.

In about 96 out of every 100 women screened the mammogram will show no sign of cancer – this is a normal result. If you have a normal result you will automatically be invited to come back again in three years.

Around four women in 100 will be asked to have further tests. Women requiring further tests and investigations following breast screening will be recalled to an Assessment Clinic at the Breast Screening Centre in Antrim Area Hospital. At this clinic women will have a breast examination, further imaging/ultrasound examination and in some cases a biopsy may be performed. You will usually get your results within a week.

Out of these four women, one will be found to have cancer. The rest will not have cancer and will automatically be invited to come back again in three years.

A Breast Care Nurse is available for support and further advice. Breast Care Nurses can be contacted Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Women who develop a breast symptom between their screening appointments should contact their GP as soon as possible. They may refer you to a ‘One stop’ Symptomatic Clinic in Antrim Hospital.

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