Living with a haematological disorder

The diagnosis and treatment of a haematological disorder can cause physical and emotional effects.

Find information and advice below about what the effects might be of each disorder and how to deal with them.

Zoom webinar recordings

Due to the pandemic we have had to lth & wellbeing videos are in the process of being uploaded to the Cancer Services Website. If you would like a link to the webinars, then please email Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

For Myeloma patients

Webinar 1: Myeloma Health and Wellbeing Event


Myeloma Health And Wellbeing Event Transcript

Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Overview of Myeloma
Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Living well with Myeloma
Patient Story – My journey with Myeloma
Clinical Psychologist – Looking after yourself

Webinar 2: Allied Health Professional Event


Physiotherapist – The role of Physical Activity
Occupational Therapy – Managing Fatigue
Dietician – Eating Well
Information & Support Service – Staying Connected

For Lymphoma patients

Webinar 1: Lymphoma Health & Wellbeing Event

Lymphoma Health And Wellbeing Event Transcript

Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Overview of Lymphoma
Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Living well with Lymphoma
Patient story – My Lymphoma Journey
Clinical Psychologist – Looking after yourself

Webinar 2: Allied Health Professional Event

25 May 2021 at 10:00am

Physiotherapist -The role of Physical Activity
Occupational Therapy – Managing Fatigue
Dietician – Eating Well
Information & Support Service – Staying Connected

Health and Wellbeing Events

The Northern Trust holds a “Living with and beyond Lymphoma / CLL / Myeloma” health and wellbeing event each year. Health and wellbeing events are one-off events where patients and their families can get cancer information, support and advice. They are usually held in the morning from 10:00am – 1:00pm.

People listen to a series of short talks delivered by expert healthcare professionals about cancer recurrence, the long-term side effects of treatment and self-management, as well as diet and lifestyle advice. They also hear a live story from a patient with a similar diagnosis. Market style stalls are provided by local cancer charities where people are introduced to a range of services that can help them with their physical, emotional, social and financial needs, for example, benefits advice, family support, counselling, complementary therapy etc.  People have the chance to talk to the various health and social care professionals directly and also to meet other people affected by cancer and their families.

To see more about the health and wellbeing events contact the Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialists at Antrim Hospital or the NHSCT Macmillan Information and Support Service.

Mental Health & COVID-19

A recent survey carried out by Blood Cancer UK has highlighted how the pandemic has impacted on the mental health of people living with a blood cancer. Families of people with blood cancers may also experience more stress and anxiety as they support their loved one through this pandemic.

Take 5‘ from the Public Health Agency contains useful advice on looking after your wellbeing during COVID-19 and included are some services that are available locally. You may also find it helpful to get in contact with other people living with, or caring for someone, with a blood condition. Many charities have online forums and helplines that offer the chance to talk to people who are going through a similar experience.

Support Groups

For more information on living with cancer, including support groups and a wide variety of information and support service options that are local to you, please visit the Cancer Survivorship Website NI.

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