Living with skin cancer

The diagnosis and treatment of a skin cancer can cause physical and emotional effects.

For information on living with cancer, including support groups and a wide range of information and support service options that are local to you, please contact the Northern Trust Macmillan Information and Support Service.

The following websites are also useful sources of information:  visit the services available page on this site or the following websites:

Cancer Survivorship Website NI
British Association of Dermatologists
Macmillan Cancer Support
Cancer Research UK
British Skin Foundation
Melanoma UK

Health and Wellbeing Events

Each year the Northern Trust holds a skin cancer health and wellbeing event. These are one-off events where patients and their families can get cancer information, support and advice.

They comprise of a series of short talks by expert healthcare professionals about cancer recurrence, the long-term side effects of treatment and self-management, as well as diet and lifestyle advice. They also hear a live story from a patient with a similar diagnosis. Market style stalls are provided by local cancer charities where people are introduced to a range of services that can help them with their physical, emotional, social and financial needs, for example, benefits advice, family support, counselling, complementary therapy etc. People have the chance to talk to the various health and social care professionals directly and also to meet other people affected by cancer and their families.

To learn more about our health and wellbeing events, contact the Northern Trust Macmillan Information and Support Service, call 028 9442 4000 ext 333079/334046 or mobile 077 9584 5435, or email:


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