Children’s Learning Disability Therapeutic Service (CLDTS)

We provide a therapeutic service for children and young people up to 18 years old who have severe learning disabilities. Our goal is to support their emotional, behavioural, and mental health needs through working closely with the child, their families, and carers.

We offer support for a range of issues including sleep difficulties, mental health problems, trauma related issues, communication difficulties or behaviours experienced as challenging.

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment helps us understand some of the issues you and your child may face. If appropriate, we’ll then discuss how CLDTS can best support you.  If further assessment is required this might include questionnaires, observations and communication assessments.


With a better understanding of your child’s needs, we’ll then explore interventions that could help.  This might range from developing a Positive Behaviour Support Plan, direct therapeutic work with your child, and teaching new skills to help families cope with their social and emotional difficulties.

We may also offer early interventions through training and support for families, carers, schools, and other professionals involved in the child’s life.  We may discuss prescribing medication for this is felt to be appropriate.


Referrals to CLDTS can be made by schools and any professional who knows your child well, or you can contact us to make a self referral.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm)

Online Resources

Check out our online resources including podcasts and videos.

View more in our resources section.

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