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CLEAR Dementia Care Training

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust offer a range of CLEAR Dementia Care © training programmes.

Level 1: Suitable for carers and care staff who work with people with dementia. The aim is to enable understanding of dementia and behaviour from the perspective of each individual person.

Level 2: Suitable for staff who will be supporting the implementation of CLEAR Dementia Care in their organisation.

Level 3: Suitable for staff who will implement CLEAR Dementia Care in their organisation. The full suite of tools used to assess behaviour and develop appropriate interventions are provided. This includes the Handbook on Implementation with Case Presentations.

Training at Levels 1, 2 and 3 include group work and case exemplars with in-depth discussion of a range of presentations from onset of symptoms to successful management.

Level 4: A bespoke package of support to enable staff to train and supervise other staff within their organisation to implement CLEAR Dementia Care.

Resources included with CLEAR Dementia Care © Training

Resources included with Level 3 CLEAR Dementia Care © Training

  • Process Flow Chart
  • Referral Form
  • Checklist for assessment of the 5 domains of the model
  • Aide Memoire to support assessment
  • Initial Contact Form
  • Review Form
  • Medication Record Chart
  • Behaviour Record Chart
  • Pain Checklist
  • Understanding document
  • Handbook on Implementation with 8 complex case presentations
  • Training powerpoint – to enable CLEAR Dementia Care level 1 to be delivered.

For further information on the training programmes please contact:

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