Renal Services

A purpose built 20 station Renal Unit is available at Antrim Area Hospital which facilitates the support and treatment of patients with renal impairment through haemodialysis six days per week.

It is a stand alone building adjacent to the Accident and Emergency Department at Antrim Area Hospital.

The Renal Unit provides a range of specialist nursing services including:

  • Home Therapies Dialysis which provides support and education for appropriate Northern Trust residents to include Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis
  • Pre-dialysis support for patients approaching renal replacement therapies
  • Outpatient support for all treatments modalities including follow up post-renal transplant.
  • Acute in-patient dialysis is provided at Antrim Area Hospital and this runs two shifts per day, six days per week.

Hours of opening

Renal Unit
Monday to Saturday, 7.30am-1.00am

Acute Dialysis Facility, Antrim Area Hospital
Monday to Saturday, 7.30am-6.30pm.

Renal Patient Support Group

A Renal Patient Support Group meets on a quarterly basis or on request. To date it has been organised by the clinical staff as an opportunity to provide information about treatment options and receive feedback from patients about treatment delivered. The support group will also be used as a forum to discuss service provision within the Northern Trust.  The aim is that this will become a group organised and sustained by patients with clinical staff input when requested.

Nephrology Consultants

Dr R Mullan, Lead Consultant Nephrologist
Dr C Harron, Consultant Nephrologist
Dr R Cunningham Consultant Nephrologist
Dr S Bolton, Consultant Nephrologist
Dr C Hunter, Consultant Nephrologist
Dr K Sinnamon, Consultant Nephrologist

Natalie McLaughlin, Clinical Service Manager
Pamela Stronge, Assistant Clinical Services Manager
Laura Guthrie, Ward Sister

Further Support

For further support we also have a social worker, Clair McElhone (hospital based), who can be contacted through the renal team to provide support to patients.

Counselling is also available to all renal patients and family members/carers to provide emotional support with managing their renal health. There is an open referral system where patients can contact the counsellor, Libby Weatherup, directly or can speak to a member of the renal team who will refer them.

We are currently running a walking group and an art group with the aim of bringing together clients for both exercise and to meet others who are dealing with a similar condition.

Kidney Beam

‘Kidney Beam’ is an online platform involving exercise, as well as wellbeing resources specifically for those living with Kidney Disease. There are a range of live and on-demand physical activity classes that participants can join in from home. These include:

  • yoga
  • pilates
  • lower level aerobic/strength classes
  • cardio-conditioning
  • high intensity interval training
  • strength training at lower level

The team is also developing mental health resources including art therapy and mindfulness, as well as peer support groups.
This is a fantastic free resource to help you improve your physical fitness.

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