Residential Care

Residential care is provided to people, who have been assessed as needing care and support to such an extent that it cannot be provided in their own homes.

What we provide

The Trust directly provides residential care for older people in seven homes across the Trust.  You may find the information leaflet Choosing a Care Home useful.

The Trust aims to support people to live in their own homes for as long as possible, but if this proves to be impractical, Trust staff will then carry out a multi-disciplinary assessment on the individual needs of the person and help service users and their carers in making an appropriate choice.

Residential care is supplemented by other community-based services such as district nursing and podiatry. If the individual then requires a level of nursing care that cannot be provided by community nurses they may need to transfer to a nursing home.

The Trust does not directly provide nursing home care but contracts with the independent sector for this. Private nursing homes

Trust homes are subject to inspection by the Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority in line with the Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety Minimum standards for Residential Care.

How do I access this service?

If an individual or their carer/relative believes they need residential care they can contact their nearest social services office or can access an assessment through their health and social care staff member involved in their care, or through their GP.

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