Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support is part of the Transforming Your Care strategic approach to developing Person Centred Services. It is a pathway where individuals are enabled and encouraged to have more choice and control in how their care and support is provided. Self Directed Support is available as a way to meet the needs of individuals who access social care in both children and adult services.

Following an assessment of need, individuals are allocated a Personal Budget with which they can plan personal outcomes to meet their needs. Self Directed Support is a unique partnership between families, individuals, carers, third and independent sector organisations and Government bodies.

Self Directed Support includes a number of options for getting support. The individual’s Personal Budget can be used as:

  1.  A Direct Payment – Direct Payments Information Leaflet
  2. A Managed budget
  3. The Trust can arrange a service
  4. A mixture of options 1-3

By exploring the different options individuals can work to tailor their services to what best meets their individual circumstances, giving them as much choice and control as possible.

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust is in the process of a phased roll out of Self Directed Support across all social care settings. If you are interested in exploring Self Directed Support please contact your Named Worker or: Bronagh O’Lynn (Self Directed Support Implementation Lead)


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