Sharing the Care Short Break Service- Children

The Sharing the Care Short Break Service means that children with disabilities can spend some time with other families who are carefully chosen and vetted by Trust staff.
The purpose of this is two-fold:

  1. To enhance the quality of a child’s life by providing opportunities to make new friends, and the chance to enjoy new experiences.
  2. To offer parents with a disabled child some respite, which literally means a ‘period of rest’. During that time they can ‘recharge their batteries’, spend some free time together, or with other family members, thereby enabling them to cope better with the demands of disabilities.

16+ Teams

There are three 16+ Teams across the Trust area. The 16+ teams provide support to care leavers and to vulnerable young people who are 16+ years and are still in education. The service offers advice, support and guidance regarding accommodation, health promotion, benefits, employment, training, education, budgeting, setting up home, networking with key agencies, social skills, life skills and leisure recreation.

The services enable young people to make the transition to adult independence successfully by working in partnership with them and helping them to make positive choices for themselves within a supportive framework.
It helps young people maximise their life chances and reach their full potential.

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