Adult Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) are specialists in supporting people who have speech, language and communication difficulties. They also support people with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

This service will  provide specialist assessment and diagnosis of communication and/or swallowing disorders. They provide individualised intervention and management, which will be tailored to the person’s needs and aims to achieve the best outcomes for the individual. They will work closely with the person as well as with those involved in their care, to ensure they are skilled in supporting the person’s needs. Management may include direct therapy, advice/support, training and provision of resources to maximise the person’s abilities and ensure best quality care.

Types of communication difficulties that SLTs assess and support include:

  • Difficulty speaking (unclear speech)
  • Difficulty using language
  • Difficulty understanding language
  • Voice problems
  • Stammering

Many conditions can affect a person’s communication and swallowing abilities. These may include:

  • Acquired neurological conditions such as Stroke and Brain Injury
  • Progressive neurological conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Huntingdon’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Head, neck and throat Cancers
  • Mental health
  • Learning disability
  • Physical and sensory disability

SLTs also work within specialist teams in the Northern Trust, including Adult Learning Disability Team, Community Stroke Team, Acquired Brain Injury Team and Permanent Placement Team.

Referrals – *Please note that consent must always be given prior to submitting a referral.

Communication Referrals

If you are concerned about yourself, or someone else’s, communication skills you can refer to SLT by:

  • Completing the referral form
  • Contacting SLT via telephone
  • Or via your GP or other health professional

*Please note that if the referral is for voice, an up-to-date ENT report must be available and the referral must be made in writing.

Swallowing Referrals

If you have concerns regarding your, or someone else’s, swallowing ability, you can refer by

  •  Contacting SLT via telephone
  • Via your GP or other health professional (who will complete a written Dysphagia referral form)

Referrals for swallow and communication assessments can be completed electronically and sent by email. The email addresses for local SLT teams are listed below. Please note this is not for adult with learning disability team (ALD) or community stroke team (CST) referrals.

Antrim Area Hospital-

Ballymena Health and Care Centre-

Fort Centre-

Mid Ulster Hospital –

Moyle Hospital-

Whiteabbey Hospital-

Swallowing and Communication Referrals

Adult Learning Disability referral form for swallow and communication referrals


If you wish to seek advice or discuss any concerns with SLT, you can find the contact details for each locality – Speech and Language Teams Contact Information


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