The Breast Screening Centre based at Antrim Area Hospital provides both routine breast screening and symptomatic breast assessment services for all areas within the Northern Trust.

If you have a concern or symptom regarding your breasts, please contact your GP as soon as possible. They may refer you to a ‘One Stop’ Symptomatic Clinic at the Centre.

In addition to these services, oncology follow-up clinics, self-directed aftercare, moderate and high risk family history screening and a higher risk family history screening programme are also carried out.

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Breast Screening: Helping you decide

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Breast Screening Leaflets

Information for women with learning disabilities

A breast screening video has been produced for women with learning disabilities, showing clearly what happens during the process of having a mammogram. The film can be watched in full, or in short segments, showing different aspects of the screening journey.

The Breast Screening video and further screening information can be accessed on the Public Health Agency website.

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