Your appointment

You may wish to wear comfortable clothing when you come for your appointments and you may like to bring something along with you to pass the time, such as a book to read.

Some people like to have company when they come to their appointments. Please check with the staff at Laurel House if you are allowed someone to attend with you. Please do not bring children to the unit as it can be distressing for other patients and distracting for staff.

There is tea, coffee and vending machines in the waiting area.  There is also a shop and a restaurant in the main building of Antrim Area Hospital.

tea, coffee and vending machines in the waiting area

Smoking is not allowed in hospital buildings.  If you would like help to stop smoking please contact the trust’s Smoking Cessation Service on 02825635575/07584023675.  You can also call the Smokers Helpline 0808 8128008 or visit

Please also contact us if you need help for any of the following:

  • Mobility/ physical disability
  • Learning disability
  • Interpreting needs

Lastly, it is very important you tell the receptionist or your GP if you change your address.

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