Diabetes services are available across the Northern Trust. They are provided by different professions and within a multidisciplinary team including Diabetologists, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Podiatrists, Dieticians and a Psychologist. Diabetes Inpatient services are provided within Antrim and Causeway Hospitals and offer diabetes education, management and a smooth discharge into the community.


We appreciate this is a worrying for our patients. We have created a list of useful links for our patients with the most recent government advice.

Social Distancing for vulerable people
Public Health Advice
T1 Resources
T1 Resources Sick day Information

Staying Safe With Diabetes: Guidance


Consultant and nurse led clinics

Both Consultant and Nurse led clinics are available in different locations across the Northern Trust. The Diabetes team work with GP’s, Nursing Homes and District Nurses and are based in the following areas:

Antrim Area Hospital
Diabetes Specialist Nurse: 028 9442 4530/028 2563 5255 Dect ph 331219

Ballymena Health Care Centre:
Diabetes Specialist Nurse : 028 2563 5287

Diabetes Specialist Nurse 028  7954 7488 EXT: 34525

Causeway Area Hospital:
Diabetes Specialist Nurse: 028 7034 6265

Diabetes Specialist Nurse: 028 7034 6265  

Diabetes Specialist Nurse (Diabetes foot care pathway) 028 7034 6265

Diabetes Specialist Nurse: 028 2826 1991

Antenatal / Pre-pregnancy Service/ Diabetes Specialist Nurse: 078 2731 9722

Mid Ulster Hospital:
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Mon/Thurs Friday:  028  7954 7488
Diabetes Specialist Nurse: 028 7954 7488


Diabetes Specialist Nurse Tues/Wed ONLY 028 9055 2228

Diabetes Specialist Nurse : 028 9055 2222



Referrals are made by your General Practitioner. Many GP surgeries run diabetes clinics and Diabetes Specialist Nurses assist some GPs in the running of some of these clinics

Local Groups

Diabetes UK has local groups throughout the Trust. These groups meet  regularly throughout the year. They are run by people with diabetes. You can find your local group by contacting Diabetes NI on 028 9066 6646 or visit Diabetes NI

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