Direct Assessment Unit (DAU), Antrim Area Hospital

GPs can speak directly with medical staff at the Direct Assessment Unit in Antrim Area Hospital to receive specialist advice and, if required, arrange for a referral to the Unit for assessment, diagnostics and management.

Access to this Unit is by referral only. Patients can arrive at the Direct Assessment Unit up until 6pm.

If a patient is unable to attend before this time they can be offered an appointment the following day. Ideally, patients should attend the Direct Assessment Unit as soon as possible after the referral is made to prevent delays in assessing them.

In addition to contact for urgent assessment, there is a Rapid Access Medical Clinic. This is a service for patients who do not require same day assessment but do require a review and assessment within one or two days. This clinic can be accessed by contacting the Direct Assessment Unit medical staff to discuss the referral.

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