What happens in labour

Every birth is unique

Every birth is unique

Some labours progress quickly, others don’t.  Unnecessary medical interventions should be avoided if the woman and her baby are in a good condition.

Stages of labour

There are three stages of labour.  Throughout the three stages we would encourage mobility and being upright if possible.  Your baby’s heart will be monitored throughout labour.

There is further information on stages of labour in the pregnancy book.

Video clip on The Uterus in Action

Skin to skin contact

When your baby is born try to have skin to skin contact with your baby as soon as possible after the birth.  This will:

  • keep your baby warm and calm
  • help regulate breathing and heartbeat
  • release mothering hormones to help with bonding and attachment.

This is an opportunity to initiate feeding.

UNICEF: The importance of skin to skin

KidCare Canada: Paediatrican Interview

Induction of Labour

An Induction of labour may be suggested to you if your baby is overdue (by aprox. 10-14 days), or if there is any sort of risk to you or your baby’s health – for example, if you have high blood pressure, or if your baby has shown restricted growth on Ultrasound scanning.

More information: Induction of labour


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