Mother and new born baby

The birth of baby can bring a lot of different emotions.  It is an exciting time as well as a time when your body will be recovering from the birthing experience.  Approximately 80% of women get the ‘baby blues’ and feel tearful around day three to five.  If you feel you need support, discuss this with you GP, midwife or health visitor.

During your stay in hospital midwives will provide you with information and support on caring for your baby and assist with your choice of feeding, either breast or bottle.

Following the birth you will have an opportunity for skin to skin and to give the first feed, in the Birthing Suite.  You will then be moved to the Maternity Ward (C2) for ongoing care.  Your baby will be in a cot beside you while you are in hospital.

Key safety information for going home with your baby

Our Maternity Service has produced a series of videos that contain key safety information for leaving hospital following the birth of your baby.  Please take time to watch these videos and share them with your partner or family.

Going home following the birth of your baby

Looking after yourself following the birth

Looking after your baby

What are the signs of a baby who is well

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