When you go home

When you go home a community midwife will call the next day.  The midwife will then arrange follow up visits.

Keep sleeping babies safe

  • Breastfeed if you can.
  • Use moses basket or cot in your room for the first 6 months.
  • Feet to bottom of cot.
  • Light blankets firmly tucked no higher than the baby’s shoulder.
  • Use a clean, firm, well fitting mattress.
  • If using a baby sleeping bag make sure it is fitted with neck and armholes – no hood.
  • Do not allow your baby to share a bed with anyone who has been smoking, drinking alcohol, taken drugs or is feeling overly tired.
  • Do not leave baby to sleep alone in an adult bed.
  • Do not sleep with baby on an armchair, sofa or waterbed.
  • Do not leave baby sleeping in a car seat for long periods.
  • Do not use pillows, loose blankets or cot bumpers – cot bumpers are not recommended as babies can overheat or become entangled in the fastenings.  Do not cover your baby’s head.
  • If you are buying a new cot, look for the British Standard mark BS 1753.

For the first few months with you baby you will need a crib, carry cot or moses basket.  Your baby will need somewhere to sleep that is flat and safe, where they can be close to you.  If this has been used before for another baby you will need to buy a new mattress.  You will need a firm mattress that fits the cot with no gaps round the edges, sheets to cover the mattress and light blankets for warmth.

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