Paediatric Podiatry

Paediatric podiatry is an area of podiatry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb and foot disorders which may occur in children.  We work in two localities across the Trust area;

  1. Ballymena Health and Care building, Gait lab
  2. Coleraine community clinics, Castlerock Road, Coleraine

We work alongside physiotherapists regularly in outpatients and have referral sources from local GPs, health visitors, occupational therapists and paediatricians.

The treatment we provide can range from footwear advice and education to care for the young vulnerable foot as they grow and develop to ensure what footwear type’s parents should consider and frequency they get their child’s feet measured.

Orthotic treatment when appropriate can be issued used a range of precast devices to custom milled Cad Cam orthotic intervention with our own in house appliance centre based at Ballymena Health and Care allowing for orthotic adaption and manufacture at our gait lab Hub.

Stretching advice is also a key component in our education and advising on warm up/cool downs for sports to encourage good habits at an early age group into adulthood.

Common reasons for referral to paediatrics include parental concerns of flat feet, knee or foot pains, growth and development issues such as Calcaneal Apophysitis (Severs) of the heel in sport, possible associated lower back pain, Tarsal coalitions, Neurological Issues (Charcot Marie Tooth) and Hypermobility Syndrome.

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