Building-Based Day Services Options

Learning Disability Teams provide a range of services to people with a learning disability from the age of 18 years onwards. These services include social work, nursing, psychology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and nutrition and dietetics.  We provide a range of day care services in adult centres, satellite units, community hubs, and offer a Day Opportunities Programme.  Respite services are provided in supporting living units, and through family based host carer support. We also have a Trust-wide Challenging Behaviour Service and access to five challenging behaviour respite/emergency beds.

Temporary arrangements during Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Adult Centres reopened on 23 July 2020.

However the challenges currently faced with COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, prevent full-time attendance by any Service User.   Our staff continue to liaise with our Service Users and their families and explore alternative ways to provide support.

Please contact your Adult Centre Manager or Community Learning Disability Team for further advice or guidance.

Some Easy Read resources to assist in explaining coronavirus to people have been provided below.

Easy Read – How To Stay Safe
Easy Read – How To Keep Safe
Easy Read – What If You Get Ill

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