DESMOND – Type 2 Diabetes Education Service

Learn more about managing TYPE 2 DIABETES with DESMOND

Do you have type 2 diabetes?

The NHSCT provides an education service known as DESMOND which stands for Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed. The service is aimed for individuals with type 2 diabetes who may want more knowledge and support to those who are

· Newly diagnosed

· Foundation- diagnosed one year or more


It is a relaxed one day, group educational programme, with both face-to-face and virtual courses taking place over the coming months.


The current face-to-face group courses are held at:

· Mid-Ulster Hospital in Magherafelt,

· Braid Valley Hospital in Ballymena,

· Robinson Hospital in Ballymoney

· Whiteabbey Hospital.


Virtual option:

· All the same times and content but in the comfort of your own home (confidentiality etc still applies)


Topics covered by the DESMOND programme

o Understanding type 2 diabetes,

o Blood results and possible complications,

o Glucose monitoring,

o Carbohydrates and fats,

o Activity advice,

o Goal setting,

o Wellbeing and expectations for future care.


How can I refer or self refer?

Once a patient understands and consents to DESMOND, (different to a dietician referral)  health care professionals, that have use of the Clinical communications Gateway can refer via this method. Other healthcare professionals can contact us for our quick referral form (Please include recent blood results and BP with patients consent)

Self referral for participants: via 028 2766 1478 or email

The course is currently held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30am to 4pm.

The Admin/booking office is open Monday-Friday 9am- 5pm for all enquiries.



The MyDESMOND is a free self-directed digital 24/7 access educational tool which includes a step tracker, ‘ask the expert’ function, videos, forums and much more!

It is only accessible after referral, and not directly from your mobile phone App store.

It can be used via a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Once registered and activated, it provides lifetime access to evidence-based information and support.

You will need to provide your email to register. The DESMOND National Office take care of consent/data protection.


Face to face dates


Wed 23rd August: Whiteabbey Hospital

Tues 29th August: Robinson Hospital, Ballymoney

Wed 30th August: Whiteabbey Hospital


Wed 6th Sept: Mid-Ulster Hospital, Magherafelt

Wed 13th Sept: Moyle Hospital, Larne

Tues 19th Sept: Mid-Ulster Hospital, Magherafelt

Wed 20th Sept: Ballymena Health and Care Centre

Tues 26th Sept: Robinson Hospital, Ballymoney

Wed 27th Sept: Whiteabbey Hospital


Tea and coffee will be provided. Participants should take their own lunch to the in-person group sessions.

For participants attending who have been prescribed a medication where there can be a risk of a low blood glucose level such as Insulin or Sulfonylureas, should bring their own blood glucose monitor and hypoglycaemia treatment such as glucose tablets, jelly babies etc. Let the facilitator know of you feel unwell at any point.


Virtual Dates: (via MS teams)

Tues 12th Sept


If you would like further information, or to book a place on the DESMOND programme, please ring 028 2766 1478 or email

More information on DESMOND is available at:

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