Whiteabbey Hospital offers a range of sub-acute hospital services.

The Whiteabbey Nightingale (Ward 1) is an innovative Regional Enhanced Nursing and Allied health professionals (AHP) led unit that provides General and Fracture Orthopaedics Rehabilitation. We provide therapy seven days a week and accept referrals from all hospitals across Northern Ireland.

The service includes a specialist team of nurses, AHPs (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapists, dietitians and rehabilitation assistants), and social work, supported by Advanced Nurse Practitioners and GPs.

The Nightingale facility’s main goal is to improve long-term outcomes of patients requiring General and Fracture Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. To ensure this goal is met, specific admission and exclusion criteria and a robust discharge planning process have been developed. Patients are expected to stay in the unit up to 14 days. To facilitate this length of stay we will work closely with patients’ families and home Trusts to ensure they can be discharged back to the community, so that as many patients as possible can benefit from the Nightingale model.

The Nightingale facility is in the new ward block, Whiteabbey Hospital along with inpatient Stroke and Fracture Rehabilitation (ward 3) and the Day Rehabilitation Unit (DRU).

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Also on site is McCaughey House, which provides Day Surgery and Endoscopy Services; located in separate buildings are outpatient clinics for various services; and community services and staff.

Key departments are signposted throughout the site.

Whiteabbey Hospital site plan


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