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Supporting People with Dementia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Supporting people with Dementia during Covid-19 (PDF)

Using the principles of CLEAR Dementia Care ©, this guide has been produced to provide information to help support carers and care staff to understand and respond to changes in behaviour in people with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide includes a series of posters to help understand changes in behaviour and suggests ways to offer support.

We hope this guide will help during this very challenging time and help to reduce stress and distress for both the person with dementia and those who love and care for them.

Supporting a person with Dementia following a bereavement (PDF)

Guidance for care homes

Death and grieving in a care home: Support for staff, residents and families (PDF)

Listen to BBC Interview with Dr Frances Duffy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Northern Trust

Advice for Carers

Looking after your own wellbeing (PDF Poster)
Carers need a break too

CLEAR Dementia Care ©

CLEAR Dementia Care model diagram

CLEAR Dementia Care © was developed in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Dementia Home Support Team (DHST).

Sometimes a person with dementia can present with behaviour that we find difficult to understand. These behaviours are often a sign of the stress and distress the person experiences as they try to cope with the daily challenges of living with their dementia.

All behaviour is a form of communication and is often driven by need. To fully understand the meaning of a person’s behaviour it is important to try and understand the behaviour from the perspective of the person with dementia.

CLEAR Dementia Care © helps us to consider all the factors that contribute to a person’s behaviour. The aim is to help us to see the whole person with dementia. When we understand the perspective of the person, we can find ways to reduce distress.   The outcome is appropriate support and enhanced quality of life for the person with dementia.

Responding to change in behaviour in people with Dementia during Covid 19 Pandemic

Recorded webinar with Dr Frances Duffy

CLEAR Dementia Care © App  Available soon

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CLEAR Dementia Care App icon CLEAR Dementia Care App iconCLEAR Dementia Care App icon

The CLEAR Dementia Care © App is in development and will be available to download soon.

It provides information about dementia and support for carers including:

  • Different types
  • The brain
  • Symptoms
  • Behaviours
  • Loss

To understand behaviour it can be helpful to look for patterns. The App includes a function to help record and chart behaviour.

The App also contains illustrations and case examples that help us to understand the perspective of the person with dementia. The illustrations capture people with dementia living in care home and home settings and highlight responses from carers that are helpful and unhelpful.

Home Seeking: Unhelpful Response

Cartoon illustration Home seeking Unhelpful response

Home Seeking: Helpful Response

Illustration of helpful response

The CLEAR Dementia Care © App will be available to download soon on iOS App Store and Google Play.

A video on how to use the CLEAR App is also in development.

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